Travel Zen in Africa

Few places in the world have ever inspired as much awestruck in me as Africa. Not only is the continent huge with an incredible diversity of ecosystems and culture, it is a friendly, beautiful and otherworldly place. I have had the tremendous fortune to spend time in countries in West Africa, East Africa and North Africa and I cannot speak highly enough of the experiences.

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The Muslims I met When Travelling

Right now everyone is reeling from the awful, senseless terror attacks in Paris where so many civilians lost their lives so I felt compelled to write this now even though I have 90% of my next post drafted.   The attacks have also spawned ugly and hateful backlash against Muslims in general. Muslims who are our neighbours, friends, colleagues and community members. In short, Muslims who are people like all of us. Continue reading “The Muslims I met When Travelling”

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The Zen Travellers Manifesto

The awesome folks over at BootsnAll Travel are hosting the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge to encourage travellers to think about what inspires them to roam and to share their learnings with others with the #DoYouIndie hashtag. By answering thought-provoking questions posed by BootsnAll, travellers are reflecting on and sharing why they travel, how they got started, and what there is to do in their hometowns. Today’s challenge is to come up with your top ten values for life and travel in order to create your own manifesto. Continue reading “The Zen Travellers Manifesto”

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The Case for Going off Script when Travelling

Many travellers know this to be true: the fun of planning a trip can be as much fun as going on the actual trip. I know I will gladly spend hours piecing together itineraries and obsessing over getting the best price on a flight.
That being said, there is a certain Zen to be found in going off script when travelling. Straying from set plans can lead to incredible and unforgettable memories. To illustrate this, I will recount what was by far my most memorable, unplanned experience that I ever I encountered during the tail end of a 6 month adventure in Africa.
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From Bamako to Barcelona: An Ode to Travel Friends

Earlier this fall, I had the tremendous fortune of being able to reconnect with a friend I made while travelling. I met Ari over 4 years ago when we were both working in Bamako, Mali’s bustling, crowded, polluted, yet undeniably exciting capital city. While there, we shared laughs, enjoyed lukewarm glasses of Castel lager, haggled in markets and overcame some of Bamako’s challenges together. Eventually, as is the case with all travel friendships, we parted ways. I returned to Canada and she returned to Barcelona. We sent each other the odd message over the years and I always looked back on those days we spent in that crazy city together with incredible fondness. Continue reading “From Bamako to Barcelona: An Ode to Travel Friends”

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Water Bliss: A Guide for Planning your First Paddling Trip

Anyone who has ever travelled anywhere by water knows that it is can be both a tremendously exciting and relaxing way to experience the world. Nevertheless, these a paddling trip requires a lot of preparation which can be intimidating for newcomers to water sports. So in this post I will try to help you wade through the muddy waters of canoe and kayak trip planning. Continue reading “Water Bliss: A Guide for Planning your First Paddling Trip”

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