How to Save Enough Money to Travel Around the World

Zentravellers on Huayna Potosi

After announcing around trip around the world one of the questions we received most often was a resounding “HOW???!!”  In other words, “how on earth did you save to travel around the world? ” Or my favourite, “you guys must be millionaires!” (HA, if only!) Seemingly not many people can imagine quitting their jobs and living solely on savings for 14 months.

Some ask how much we’re spending, other seem curious but are too polite and the social norms of not talking about money prevent them from doing so. So we’re going to put it out there – this post will detail how we saved for a year long trip around the world! In doing so, we hope to inspire others to let go of what may be holding them back from acting on the same dream.

While a trip around the world does not have to be as expensive as you would think, we don’t have our heads in the sanFd and knew that it was going to have a significant cost. It goes without saying that taking a year off work without income and paying for flights, accommodations and food all costs money.

In addition, we had planned to do a lot of active adventures like hiking, cycling, and scuba diving, few of which are free. We know we couldn’t do it all but we weren’t going to go to a country only to hang out in a hostel or city all day.  If you follow our travels at all you know we like to get out there, see nature, and explore the great outdoors!

So, how did we save the money required to fund this exciting trip around the world?

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