The Ultimate Guide to Land Based Travel In The Galapagos Islands

Cruise Boat Docked off Darwin's Cove

Few destinations stimulate as much wonder and have inspired as many scientific pursuits as the Galapagos Islands. A multi-island archipelago in the Pacific Ocean 906km from Ecuador’s coastline, the Galapagos are where British scientist Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution and are now one of the world’s largest marine national park systems.

Given their remoteness and one of a kind natural offerings, the Galapagos are hardly known as a budget travel location, but we have managed to spend almost 3 weeks on different islands without doing a cruise, nor a completely organized tour. Read on for our guide to a Galapagos Land Based tour and our recommended land-based itinerary. We’ll also cover what a trip to the Galapagos Islands costs as this is the cheapest way to travel there!
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Birding in Mindo

Cock of the Rock at San Tadeo Birding

Ecuador is for the birds. The relatively small country holds about 16% of the world’s bird species, so if you’re a bird nerd like us, you’ll enjoy the heck out of Ecuador.  And while you can spend thousands on a pre-arranged tour, it is easy enough to do DIY birding which makes it an affordable location. One of the best places in Ecuador to go birding is Mindo’s cloud forest.

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