Alberta’s New Kananaskis Conservation Pass

Backpacking in Kananaskis

The Alberta Government budgetrecently announced a new $15/day or $90/year Conservation Fee for access to Kananaskis Provincial Park.  Kananaskis is a favourite playground of a lot of Albertans and many Calgarians consider it to be an extension of their backyard.  It’s important to conserve the area, but this plan will not achieve that goal.

We’ve written many times about the beauty of Kananaskis, including fantastic hikes like Tent Ridge, larch hikes in the fall, some of the great cycling opportunities, incredible cross country skiing, or more challenging backpacking trips like Northover Ridge.  Seriously, I could go on, but the point is that Kananaskis has long been one of Alberta’s prized gems.  It’s important to conserve Kananaskis for future generations and we’re happy to contribute financially to our Parks, but this fee is not the right approach.

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All About The Tent Ridge Hike

The Tent Ridge Hike in Kananaskis

The Tent Ridge hike is a relatively easy hike in Kananaskis Country that delivers extraordinary views without a huge amount of effort.  This hike, also referred to as the tent ridge horseshoe as it follows a horseshoe-shaped loop along the ridge, is likely one of the best hikes in Kananaskis and is well worth your time.  The trail follows an open ridge which means you have fantastic views for almost the entire duration of the hike.  It belongs on any hiker’s bucket list, read on to learn more about hiking Tent Ridge.

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Dale Hodges Park

Dale Hodges Park by the Bow River

Our second park in our mission to visit all of Calgary’s wonderful city parks brought us to award-winning Dale Hodges Park which is another City of Calgary green space that we had never been to.  It’s a beautiful area and proves that function, beauty, and environmental rehabilitation can go hand in hand.

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Exploring ALL of the City of Calgary’s Parks

confederation park

As long-time residents, we have never seen people getting out and enjoying the City of Calgary’s parks and green spaces as much as we have this past year.  Calgary has over 10,000 hectares of urban parkland and over 1,000km of multi-use pathways so there are plenty of green spaces to explore. We definitely have our favourite city parks that we visit again and again, but what better time to get out and explore some new spaces than now when we’re all staying close to home?

Time spent in nature is good for both the body and soul and those benefits are more necessary than ever. So read on and get out there!

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6 Simple Actions to Protect Alberta’s Rocky Mountains

Overlooking the Milk River from a bluff at Poverty Rock

The Alberta Government continues to roll forward with changes to Alberta Parks. While they have conceded on some items and are now saying that no parks will be closed, there are still lots of questions the Government is not answering about their “partnerships. ” Keen-eyed reporters have also noticed that a handful of parks were mysteriously missing from the list of parks that “Won’t be closed”, and critical parts of Alberta’s environmental regulations are still being changed.  For instance, the UCP rescinded Alberta’s 1976 Coal policy and are now selling strip mining rights for coal on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

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6 Great Winter Activities in Calgary

tobogganing at confederation park

Looking for great winter activities to do in Calgary? There are so many great things to do in Calgary in the winter, and with the current pandemic and lockdown, everybody’s looking for ways to get out of their house and spend some time outdoors.  Those of us in Calgary are lucky to have the beautiful Rocky Mountains nearby, but sometimes you don’t want to spend a day driving and just need an easy activity within city limits.  Here are some great ideas for winter activities in Calgary!

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