The Upside of Down: How we kept our Travel Zen in 2015

2015 was a year of highs and lows for us at Zen Travellers.

 We started the year off on a healthy note with a nordic sweat session on a beautifully frozen Lake Louise, then continued the trend with some skiing in Whistler and long walk along the sea wall in Vancouver. All the while also enjoying delicious and unique YVR eats and craft beer. Yin and yang friends.

From Bamako to Barcelona: An Ode to Travel Friends

Earlier this fall, I had the tremendous fortune of being able to reconnect with a friend I made while travelling. I met Ari over 4 years ago when we were both working in Bamako, Mali’s bustling, crowded, polluted, yet undeniably exciting capital city. While there, we shared laughs, enjoyed lukewarm glasses of Castel lager, haggled in markets and overcame some of Bamako’s challenges together. Eventually, as is the case with all travel friendships, we parted ways. I returned to Canada and she returned to Barcelona. We sent each other the odd message over the years and I always looked back on those days we spent in that crazy city together with incredible fondness. Continue reading “From Bamako to Barcelona: An Ode to Travel Friends”