North American Music Festivals: A Definitive Ranking

Music festivals are a wonderful summer pastime in North America. Although one may argue that the original music festivals is Glastonbury in the UK, North American festivals get their fair share of well-deserved attention. What better way to spend a hot summer’s day than sitting outside and enjoying some live music in the company of many other music fans?

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Homestoke Explained: The Calgary Folk Music Festival

Travelling is many things to travellers: a chance to explore new places, see parts unknown, try exotic foods, experience the local culture and push your limits. As much as I love and crave international adventures, I must admit that a lot of these things can also be experienced at home. So as much as I’m a firm believer in being excited about travel, I also think there’s a case to be made for finding adventures at home. I call doing so “homestoke”, meaning to seek out amazing adventures while at home between trips. As a non-digital nomad, to me this is sustainable travel. I can fill up my wanderlust cup at home while saving money and time for big adventures abroad.  I consider myself fortunate enough to live in a place that gives me ample opportunities for these mini-vacations.

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